Corona testing and test results

Corona testing and test results

If you have symptoms of respiratory infection, you must stay at home and avoid contact with others. Klikk for stort bilde  

Who will be tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Everyone with at least one of the symptoms of covid-19 should be tested. The most common symptoms are fever, cough, breathing difficulties and loss of taste or sense of smell. 

Go to Test criteria - NIPH for more information. 

You shall also be tested if you have had any contact with a person with confirmed covid-19 disease. This applies even when you are not living together, or have similar close contact. 

The test is free of charge. The test capacity in Tønsberg is good.

How can you get tested?

Please call your GP (registered doctor) if you or your child should be tested. If you are experiencing any symptoms and your GP is not available, you can call the Corona hotline at Eik, Grenaderveien 11, right outside Tønsberg.

Phonenumber: 33 31 04 00

Opening hours:

  • Workdays 8.30 am - 15 pm (08.30-15.00)
  • Saturdays and Sundays 9 am - 14 pm (09.00-14.00)

If you are acutely ill and unable to contact your regular GP; please call the ER on telephone number 116 117. If life and health are at risk, please call 113.

If you, for some reason, are in need of a confirmation that you do not have the Corona virus even when you are not experiencing any symptoms, there are private clinics offering this service.

If you are working in the health service and have close contact with patients, your employer is responsible for administering the testing.

When and where to attend the clinic?

The referral will instruct you as to where and when to attend the clinic. The test will be performed at the test station at Eik, Grenaderveien 11.

It is not possible to contact the outpatient clinics or the test station directly.

How are the tests conducted?

The test is a nose-and-throat test. We are testing only for the coronavirus. We are not doing antibody tests.  

Are you waiting for an answer to your test?

Test results will be available at the website, including results from any tests taken by your children under the age of 16. 

The test results are normally available within two days after taking the test. You will not be notified when the results are published, you have to check this yourself.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, you should be tested and stay at home until you have been notified that your test was negative, and you are symptom-free.

Log in at 

If you are unable to log into, please contact your GP for test results.

If you don’t have a GP in Norway, the result will be available if you ask for the result in a text message.

Should your test results indicate that you have a coronavirus infection, health services will contact you.

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