Municipal housing

  • You can apply for municipal housing if you are having trouble entering the housing market because of low income, poor health or social problems.
  • The house/apartment has a basic standard. 
  • The rental period is normally 3 years. 

What is municipal housing?

Municipal housing is a house or apartment with a basic standard that the municipality rents out. The houses/apartments are located in different areas of the municipality, and varies in size and price. The rental period is normally three years but in some cases, a shorter or longer rental period, can be granted. 

Who can apply for municipal housing?

  • You can apply if you struggle to find housing in the open rental market by yourself, or with the help of other forms of public housing. 
  • You can apply if you are unable to find suitable housing due to financial, social, health or other reasons. 

How to apply

1.    Fill out the application form and sign. If you need help filling out the application, you can contact the housing office, telephone 33 34 89 30. 
2.    Find these attachments:

  1. Copy of your latest tax return
  2. Copy of your latest payment
  3. Copy of your lease contract
  4. Copy of residence permit, if you are not a Norwegian citizen. 
  5. Documentation on health issues, if that is why you apply for municipal housing. 
  6. Copy of appointment of guardian if the guardian is signing the application.

3.    Send the application by post or bring it to the housing office. 

What does it cost?

The rent is what average rent in the area is. In some cases, it is based on the market rent. A deposit or municipal guarantee equivalent to 6 months’ rent is required. 

If you have low income and high rent you should apply for housing allowance from Husbanken. 

Apply for housing allowance

Here you will find information about who can apply for housing allowance. 

Apply for housing allowance

What happens with your application?

Your application is processed based on your information and documentation. Always check to see if we have the right information in the decision letter. 

  • You will receive the decision letter in the post.
  • You have the right to make a complaint on the decision. 

If you are approved as an applicant for municipal housing, you are registered on an applicant list that is reviewed once a week. 

It is important that you keep us up to date on your living situation and your contact information. You still need to look for housing on the private rental market, even if you are approved as an applicant for municipal housing. 


If you disagree with something in the answer to your application, you can make a complaint within 3 weeks of receiving the letter. 
In the complaint, you must tell us:

  • What you disagree with
  • Why you disagree
  • What changes you want
  • If there is new information, this should be documented if possible
  • You can contact us if you need help with the complaint

Send the complaint to Tønsberg kommune v/Tønsberg kommunale Eiendom – boligavdelingen, Postboks 2410, 3104 Tønsberg.

If ‘Sentralt tildelingsutvalg’ does not accept the complaint, the case is forwarded to the Appeals Board in the municipality for a final decision.

You will receive a written offer when there is a vacant house/apartment. 

You cannot make an appeal on the offer. If you turn down the offer, you will no longer be approved as an applicant to municipal housing. 

Contact information

Housing Department


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Svend Foynsgate 3, 3126 Tønsberg


Post address:

Tønsberg kommune

v/Tønsberg kommunale Eiendom - boligavdelingen

Postboks 2410

3104 Tønsberg

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