Recycling in Tønsberg

  • Vesar does the renovation in Tønsberg. (Lenke).
  • You can buy extra residual waste bags in the Service Centre at the Town Hall. 90 NOK per bag.

Recycling calendar

Recycling calendar in Tønberg

Garden and bulky waste

If you want us to collect your garden and/or bulky waste, then this must be ordered within set dates in spring and autumn. 

How to order new food waste bags and plastic packaging bags?

Tie a bag on the container and the renovators will leave new bags next time they collect your waste. 

Recycling Stations

You can find information about the recycling stations on Vesar’s website. 

Read more on Vesar's website.

How often are the different waste collected?

  • Food waste is collected every week.
  • Residual waste is collected every 3 weeks.
  • Paper/cardboard is collected every 3 weeks.
  • Clean plastic packaging is collected every 3 weeks.
  • Glass/metal packaging is collected every 6 weeks.

Read more about how to sort your waste at